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Gréta Fintor 'Skatuya'

I'm a comic artist and illustrator from Hungary. I studied art and graphic design since my high school years and earned my bachelor's degree in graphic design at Eszterházy Károly College in Eger, Hungary.From a young age, I loved storytelling and art. Later I married these two passions together when I first started making comics over 10 years ago. There was no stopping me from then on.Currently, I'm working as a webcomic artist and character designer.


A story about soulmates, tea, and different kinds of love.Cupido is a long-running webcomic first published in November 2016. The story aims to include a diverse cast and various relationships, featuring LGBT+ themes.Ongoing, updates Tuesdays.


A thief, a lord, and a chance meeting. West and Lloyd live seemingly very different lives, but when they meet they develop a connection that changes everything...Llost is an LGBTQ fantasy romance/ drama based on a ttrpg campaign.Currently on pause


An autobiographical short comic about a lost artist trying to find a new path.CTRL+Z was my thesis work graduating college.Finished


An autobiographical short comic about dealing with burnout and impostor syndrome.CTRL+N was published in a Hungarian short comics anthology, 'Hullámtörés'.In 2020 it won the Alfabéta Award for best short-form comic by the Hungarian Comics Association.

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